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All our Hatchfund supporters

America Will Be is a project of the people, by the people! We are so very grateful to each and every one of our Hatchfund supporters who helped us pull off a crowdfunding campaign so that we could continue this work. 

Anna Cibils  

Eli Shearn  

Becky Ramos

Kristen Dunn  

Mark Larrimore

Amy Hendrick

Idalin Bobe

Karen Cantrell  

Victor O'Halloran

Barbara Bate  

Karl Hedstrom

Ashley Hufnagel

Aaron Gerber

Kurt Schaefer

Heather Pence

Trishala Deb

Jason Miller

Mary Ellen Kris

Sharon Salmon  

John Ankele

Anne Marie Witchger

Rebecca Sullivan

James Houlahan

Michelle Brix

Joel Frost

Joel Solow

Alix & Phil Webb & Wider

Marjorie Roswell

Christopher Caruso  

David Sisul

Harvey Finkle  

Esther Miller

Vikki Terrile

Charon Hribar

Susan Gross  

Alicia Cooke

Chris Boesel

Emily Cyrier

Binita Shah

Deirdre Good

Ana Rodrigo

Traci West

Stephen Moore

Mohammad Yousuf

Helena Martin  

Adam Barnes

Nicholas Laccetti

Susan Lee

Kelly Gioia  

Normandy Alden

Aimee McKegney

Christine Holmes

Deepti Sahrawat  

Angela Matthewson

Dennis Colligan

May Lin  

Larry Cox

Arminta Fox Claudia Fennell

Karen Bray

Holly Hillgardner  

Justin Hall

 Elizabeth Caulum

Daniel Jones

Christian Lee

Stephen Jones

Amy Miller  

Lee Clayton

Phil Metzler

Lenny Brody  

Mary Ann McCoy

Andrew Duddleston  

Mark Gialanella

Margaret MacLaren

Laura Rodgers  

Julio Torres (Jr.)

Greg Correll

Michelle Graff  

Donald Brown

Tim Shenk

Natalie Beane

Ian MacSwain

Cathlin Baker

Emily McNeill

Paul Chapman  J

John Cannon  

Anne-Claire Benoit  

Narendra Goel



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Doc Society

THANK YOU, Doc Society, for supporting us at Good Pitch Local, North Carolina! Being able to keep going means everything to us.